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“Data Governance is the exercise of authority and control (planning, monitoring, and enforcement) over the management of data assets.”

Data Governance Is NOT…

A "one-off" Tactical management exercise​

The responsibility of the Technology and IT department alone

Why Is Data Governance Critical?​

Higher volumes of data generated by organizations

The proliferation of data-centric systems

Greater demand for reliable information

Tighter regulatory compliance

Business change is no longer optional; it’s inevitable

Competitive advantage

Big Data explosion (and hype)


Benefits Of Data Governance

Assurance and evidence that data is managed effectively reduces regulatory compliance risk and improves confidence in operational and management decisions

Known individuals, their responsibilities and escalation route reduces the time and effort to resolve data issues

Improved opportunity to rapidly and effectively exploit information for customer insights and competitive advantage

Increased agility and capability to respond to change and events faster through joint understanding across users and IT

Reduced system design and integration effort

Reduced risk of departmental silos and duplication leading to reconciliation effort and argument