Who we are

Who we are

Datanomist is a data centric company focused on partnering with businesses for transformation and implementation of enterprise data governance solutions.

We as “Datanomists” are extremely passionate about enterprise data governance principles, policies, processes and tools.

We have an immense experience and expertise in design and implementation of data governance and stewardship solutions.

We proactively collaborate with leading products in global market for implementation of enterprise data governance solutions.

We deliver full suite of enterprise data governance solutions that increases business benefits.

Using a cultured set of methodologies and accelerators, we, Datanomists, provide cost-effective solutions to help our customers identify the current data governance state and define a roadmap describing structural, organizational, execution, and monitoring concepts of data governance needed to meet the target state that uniquely fits our customer.

From Strategy Creation to Solution Implementation, helping with tool migrations or upgrades, building integration solutions, mentorship and trainings to both business and technology teams, and helping organizations scale up with resources.

Our Services

Our Differentiator

Team of expertise in Enterprise Data Governance

Business Case-Driven Operating Model

Partner with Businesses to institute and drive adoption of Enterprise Data Governance

“Operationalization” of Data Stewardship

Focus on perspective problem-solving DG Model

Fill product gaps in existing Tool Set and provide Business Portal with Metadata integration across vendors